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Models FAQ

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Adult Modeling Questions


What makes us different from other Adult Industry Employers?

We let you set the limits. That’s right, we will NEVER push you to do anything you are uncomfortable with or unwilling to do. We want this to be a positive, fun and profitable experience for all.

Where are you?

We currently have photographers located in St Louis Mo. Because this is an amateur site we shoot in a variety of locations and are always willing to come to you if you can’t come to us.

Will I have to Pay for anything?

NO! You will never have to pay for anything! The only investment you make, is a few hours of your time.

Will I make money doing this?

YES! There are no limits to the amount of money you can make. How much you make depends on the type of shoot, how long it takes and your level of experience.

How is payment negotiated?

Payment is either by the shoot or occasionally we will negotiate a day rate. The rate for a given shoot depends on who and what is involved in that specific shoot. Day rates generally pay a little less per shoot but are a good way to make a chunk of cash all in a single day.

I have never modeled before. Is that okay?

You have found the right place for your first time. Most of our models have never posed nude in front of a camera. We understand that it can be a little scary at first so we take our time and ensure that you are always comfortable.

I’m not sure if I’m pretty enough.

Sexiness is in the mind. If you have a sexy attitude, you are sexy. We do not turn anyone away.

Where will my pictures/video be used?

We shoot for a wide variety of web sites. What is done with your pictures, like everything else we do, is under your control.

Who owns the photos and video?

Generally speaking, once you’ve been paid, all rights to the photos and video belong us. However this also is negotiable on a shoot by shoot basis. Usually we have no problem with models using our content for personal non-commercial use.

What if I want to stop modeling?

No problem! If at any time you decide you’re not comfortable you can end the shoot and we will destroy any images.

Will I have to have sex with someone?

NO! Not if you don’t want to. It’s up to you. Some erotic models will only do solo shoots. Other’s will only works with a specific partner. Some are willing to work with the male or female partners we provide. You tell us what you want to do. If you’re not sure what you should do, we have a million suggestions :o)

Can I come with a chaperon to the set?

Yes, you are more then welcome to bring a chaperon provided it’s OK with the other performer or performers and they don’t interfere with production. Jealous, controlling boyfriends or someone who makes the other performers uncomfortable are not welcome.

Where do the shoots take place?

We use a variety of locations ranging from a formal studio space to using someones home or even an outdoor location.

What types of shoots do you have available?

Because we produce adult content for a wide variety of pornographic websites this is always changing. Please check out our Adult Video Projects page for an idea of the variety and different kinds of XXX productions we’re involved in.


Production companies of course want handsome guys and sexy beautiful girls. For guys, you can be well-endowed, but not all guys have to be hung. Generally speaking, if your abs are showing pretty good, then you are very fit. For girls, they look for the girl next door innocent look these days with big personality. Studios tend to shy away from too many tattoos, tattoos in awkward places, piercings and plugs. This doesn't mean you should not include yourself, I just will have to find the right studio for you to work with. But in general, the more natural your look, the wider your appeal will be to the audience. Guys who spend a lot of time on their bodies should take this opportunity for others to enjoy seeing their hard work. You should be between 18-35 years old, great shape, and the hardest one for most guys is, to have their pubic hair INTACT. Studios will determine what grooming needs to take place on set, remember they know what sells and how to build your career based on the consumer's desires, not your personal preference.


It does happen on rare occassions. Some studios will give you cancellation fee (Usually $100-200) if you really tried hard. Some studios will get you on location and find your look does not match your photos you submitted. So make sure your images are current. If your look is different than what you submitted, they may send you home. Be honest!


What guy hasn't said that? Unfortunately, most guys have said that very thing! That is why it is so hard to get good pay to do straight scenes. The line is around the block for straight guys to do straight video. It is nearly impossible to break into that industy. I do work with straight companies, but if you are looking for real money, real quick, Solos. Oral, and "Gay for Pay" is the best way for Male Models to make money. Yes, I know. It is not what you want to hear. But it is the truth. So I encourage you to at least consider doing a solo, and then trying to expand your limits as you go along. Believe it or not, most male models doing Gay for Pay work are indeed straight. They often start off doing a solo, check out the studio, then realize that it is an acting gig, and has very little to do with their sexuality. They do a scene with another guy and realize that the other guy is straight too. There are very few gay models working in the industry these days. I can try to find you straight work, but the pay is not good, hours are long, and the women can be challenging to work with. All for what amounts to less than 10 dollars an hour.


Most shoots will require a solo masturbation scene before going to the expense of placing you with other talent. They will want to know your chemistry, energy, and how well you perform. This shoot is usually very low-key and simple, and if you are a natural show-off, most performers have a lot of fun. Solo Masturbation scenes normally take about 1-2 hours to film. Often there will be adult-oriented photos taken before doing the actual Solo video. Most Solo scenes require at least 12-14 minutes before ejaculation. Often there is adult-video playing for you, though directors will encourage you to play to the cameras, or get into your own head space- just not sit and stare at a TV. As I mentioned, we only work with the best studios, so the atmosphere will be very professional. You have to take the first step, and the best way to do that is to submit an application now.


Some companies may only want to work with you once, but most are looking for solid-performers, willing to join a team and work slowly but steadily for one company, to avoid over-exposing a model. Pay for shoots, depending on what is being done, can range from $500 to $1,900 on average. Some studios will pay as much as $3000 for a full-interactive video. Pay has been dropping for porn models, as so many people are trying to get in the industry because of the economy. So anything around $3000 is considered very high pay for a scene/days work. The higher pay scale requires that the model be 100% brand new and has never filmed for another studio or website before, regardless of how "amateur" that production may have been. Claiming you have never been filmed before and/or changing your stage name doesn't work either as it's a very small industry at the end of the day and with social media and affiliate bloggers, your previous work will surface and you don't want the legal headaches that follow. This is why it's important to have clear and open communication with your agent here at all times so you will be guided into the most profitable and successful options possible while modeling.


Each studio has their own policies; however, you should never be required to pay for your own lodging, meals, or transportation expenses. These arrangements are usually made for you and paid for by the hiring studio, and are some of the conditions we can negotiate as your representative.


Yes, travel will be required unless you happen to live in the city where the production is located. The best producers book their actors and crew weeks in advance and follow production schedules that are created months in advance. A successful booking will depend on your availability when the offer is made to you.


Horny wild girls Adult Models represents models for adult entertainment work assignments in video, print, and online media. We are only interested in booking you for assignments that fit within YOUR limitations as defined by you in your Application and Model Profile. At no time will we contact you for work that you have not agreed to do. You may contact us to update your Model Profile to include or exclude certain types of work at any time.


First and foremost, looks alone do not make a star. What makes for a hot fantasy? Is it a smoldering sexuality, or an approachable vulnerability? It all depends on the viewer. But if you have a “spark” — a personality that transcends the video screen, something that connects with the viewer and invites them into the scene with you? That’s special, and that’s something we look for. True stars come to the set with energy and enthusiasm, ready to give a great performance each and every time.

How long does it take?

We recommend spending 10-14 days for your first trip. We will assist in creating your modeling portfolio and getting your medical testing during the first 2-3 days of your visit leaving the last 7-10 days for paid shoots.

What do I need to work in the Adult Industry?

You must be 18 or older with a State Issued Photo ID or Driver’s License and a Social Security Card or Passport.

How do I apply?

Please Submit: 1. 5-10 Recent Natural photos including clothed, bikini, lingerie and nudes. 2. Name 3. Age 4. Height 5. Weight 6. Measurements 7. Eye Color 8. Hair Color Please Answer the Following Questions: 1. Have you ever done any adult video or photo work before? If so please describe. 2. Are you working with any other companies currently? Which ones? 3. What are your sexual limits? Anything you prefer not to do? 4. When are you available to travel to Miami or Los Angeles?

How do I get paid?

The photographers and production companies will pay you directly; either with cash or check the day of the shoot. Some extremely reputable and large companies pay be ‘payroll check’ which is mailed to you within two weeks.

Will my friends and family find out?

Yes – Almost certainly. We recommend that you be OK with this prior to embarking on your career as an adult actress.

What about my Health and Safety?

All performers are required to have a current medical test from either ‘Talent Testing’ or ‘Cutting Edge Testing Services’ – All performers are tested every 2-4 weeks. Our models are always in full control of the jobs they accept and are never pressured into accepting work that does not fit the models personal preference. We work with only the most reputable photographers and adult video producers in the adult industry today.