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Erotic Couples Videography

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Interested in ways to make your things liven up in the bedroom? Have you ever wanted to make a video of your sex life only to back down due to the lack of commitment? Why not film something that will last you forever that can only be viewed by you and who you share it with? Then it’s time to make all your erotic dreams a reality.

We are a site that gives you so much more than the typical porn sites that are filled with male-focused videos which are flooding the erotic side of the internet. Porn, in such a setting, is depicted with an unrealistic setting and its unimaginative side is only filed with raw and crude sexual acts. With our special touch, the erotic part of your love life can again show the balanced and elegant side of the sexual act between two grown people. The stimulating sexuality of an artistic erotic video is hidden behind the passion of the two people who actually love and respect each other. We capture this moment and emphasize it to such a degree that creating a passionate video filled with sex is our specialty.

What we do

We produce high-quality erotic couple’s videography which in short means we create private artistic porn videos about your love life. We dedicate our time to create a professional intimate shot of you and your partner that you can watch later on, or that you can share with your friends with whom you feel comfortable enough.

Who we are

We are a group of professional cameramen, video editors and artistic souls that have dedicated their time to create all forms of art in a video format. With such a goal we have started exploring the erotic side of video making a few years ago, and so far, we have filmed hundreds of videos of couples that wanted to cement their relationship with an artistic erotic video about themselves.

How we do it

When we schedule a shot with you over the phone or e-mail we organize every little detail. The shot can be done in your residence, a hotel room, or in the open area like the woods. Our professional team will come out to film the scene and set up the area so you can focus on the act more than you will need to focus on all the little details that will make this video something you will remember for years.

Once the video is made from multiple angles we take it into the video lab and we cut and create what will later become a high-quality erotic video. Additional things like music can be added in order to complement your video if you so desire.

Every video we create is completely confidential and we are legally bound to not share it without your permission.

What is erotic for us

For us, erotica is about creating a beautiful fantasy setting that will surface people’s sexual fantasies and enhance their pleasure. The desire behind creating these videos is to produce an elegant and tasteful video that is made from pure arousal and is filled with an erotic story where both of you are the lead actors. Creating elegant erotic content is not limited to only video format, as we also offer professional photography where we can create a full gallery of photos that can explain the whole story with pictures as well as with video.

Our goal is to shine the light and focus on the passion and please side of the hot erotic sex between a couple.

The erotic stories you can have

The written part of our video world is followed by a plethora of erotic stories. Women have an extremely sexual fantasy that once expressed in written form can shine when made in video form. We have tons of explicit adult stories as a setting which you can use for your special video. Leaving all the final details to us is and focusing on your sexual desires is the whole point of making art in this form.

The tasteful side of sex videos

Every recording has a story behind itself. These erotic sex stories once recorded enrich many aspects of the couple's pleasure and can even enrich the sex life to a new untouched level.

With a plethora of passionate kissing touching and stimulation, the art of creating an elegant and tasteful video is all about capturing the essence of why two people love each other and why they have a burning desire to have sex. These recordings can tease and stimulate your mind as well as be shared with couples of similar desires and needs, it all is up to you how you want to share the tasteful videos of your sex life.

For further questions about this project please don't hesitate to e-mail us at the provided e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.